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Cartridge Heaters

High Density Advantage
1- Higher Watt densities permit smaller heaters to be used without compromising life expectancy. This results in short term and long term cost savings.

2- Swaged construction provides maximum support for the resistance wire, eliminating vibration and shock effects.

3- Excellent heat transfer characteristics permit extended life compared to other heaters.

4- Termination styles and special features allowing customization to any application.

5- Applications up to 1500ºF (820ºC)

These heaters are designed with high or low density and are manufactured in stainless steel sheath metal. Cartridge heaters are available with different bushing sizes for immersion applications, different Wattage, Voltage and length.


Heat resistant termination
Double end screw termination
Pipe fitting with double threaded NPT bushing
Double end lead wire
Single thread
Mounting flange
Right angle with copper elbow
Screw terminal
Lug terminal “eyelet terminal”

Typical Applications
Plastic extruders
Hot runner molds
Hot stamping
Medical equipment
Packaging equipment
Molds and Dies
Plastic molding
Shoe machinery
Food processing
Heating gases and liquids
Glue guns
Labeling machines
Packaging equipment
Heat sealing equipment
Tempora Recommendations

1- Use the closest practical fit
2- Protect leads from moisture, physical damage
3- Avoid excessive lead wire length
4- Locate your temperature sensing switch to 1/2”
     (1.27 cm) from element.
  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* Select sheath, overall length, heated length & termination

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