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Tubular Elements

Tempora tubular elements are available in Incoloy, Steel, Copper & Stainless Steel.

Tubular heaters are the mostly used heaters in the industry. One major advantage of tubular heaters is that they can virtually take any shape required. They can also be cast in different materials for various usages.

Construction Features
The manufacturing process of tubular heaters consist of wound coil precisely stretched and centered in the sheath followed by the filling of high priority magnesium oxide. It is then extremely compacted by rollers to maximize dielectric strength.

Tubular Heater Applications
Forced air heating
Thermal forming machines
Direct immersion in liquids
Comfort radiant heaters
Welded, brazed or clamped to tanks and pipes
Hot runner molds
Combination radiant and convection heaters for ovens and dryers.

Basic Sheath Recommendation
Steel for immersion heaters & circulation or non circulating oil, wax, paraffins or heavy compounds (tar, asphalt)
Stainless steel for corrosive substances and food processing equipment
Copper is ideal for heating water
Incoloy can be cast in aluminum

Formula for Unit Wattage
Wattage = Diameter x š x heated length x W/in2

Watt Density
Element Watt Density is the Watttage dissipated per square inch of the element sheath surface

  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* Select sheath, overall length, heated length and termination
* Drawings are required for forming designs

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