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Silicon Rubber

Construction Features
Silicon rubber heaters consist of hetched Nichrome wire in designs depending on the shape and resistance required. Then, through a vulcanization process, it is homogeneously embedded in the substrate in order to obtain the shape required. Silicon rubber heaters can be adhered to a metal surface or parts. Fasteners, sensors and thermostats can also be added to silicon rubber heaters to facilitate usage.

Silicon rubber heaters resist, moisture, fungus, radiation and much more. They come in various thicknesses and shapes in order to best suit your needs. Silicon rubber heaters are low in cost, lightweight and CSA approved. Tempora silicon rubber heaters are available in both 120 and 240V and resist heat up to 450ºF. The flexibility of these heaters allows you to place them anywhere. In order to best suit your needs, wholes and cutouts can be done.

Infinite number of shapes and sizes
Thin profile
Efficient heat transfer
High dielectric strength
Moisture resistant
High strength

Typical Applications

Lab. Equipment
Animal feeders
Medical equipment
Optical equipment
Battery heaters
Food transportation
Laboratory equipment
Drum heaters
Guidance systems
Photo processing
X-ray processing
Food service equipment
Aircraft food service
Graphic arts equipment
Heated presses
Mirror heaters
  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* Provide detailed drawings with size and cutouts if required
* Determine if thermostat or sensor is required
* Select termination required and length of leads

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