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Tempora offers a wide selection of power resistors according to your needs and requirements, these resistors can be supplied from 200W to megawatts. Resistors are made to dissipate energy which is produced from motors as the drive provides braking torque in order to stop the motor. This energy in turn is dissipated in the form of heat by resistors. Weather you are looking for dynamic braking resistors, edgewound, wirewound, stamped ribbon or open helical, we have the solution for you.

Tempora resistors are ideal for high power applications such as dynamic braking, motor starting, load testing, industrial machinery, cranes and elevators. All stainless steel resistors may be housed in NEMA1 through NEMA3R enclosures if required as well as powder coated enclosures according to your requirements.

Dynamic Braking Resistors
When ordering a braking resistor, it is important to know many factors that allow us to size the resistor that will best suit your needs: input drive voltage, drive horsepower, braking torque, on time off time duty cycle, maximum ohmic value specified by the drive manufacturer, deceleration braking and overhauling load.

Compact design
Rugged design for more demanding applications
Convection or fan cooled designs if required.

Boxed Resistors
The box offers an excellent protection and safety, in that it not only provides high power load capability and durability, excellent heat dissipation, and a low temperature coefficient that is directly proportional, but also accommodates a flexible range of assembly option for convenient utilization and installation. Suitable for load testing, industrial machinery, electric power distribution, instruments and automation control installations.

Wirewound On Ceramics.
A tubular ceramic resistor has a fixed number of windings and is wound with alloy wire as a resistance element. The staggering wounding made according to the desired resistance value, followed by the placement of the component mounts. It provides high starter resistor power and is durable, temperature resistant, dissipates heat well, low temperature coefficient that varies in direct proportion and is suitable for application loads involving brief current surges. Due to the number of windings on the ceramic form, the resistance value range is relatively low. Suitable for motor starters, load measurement, industrial machinery, electric power distribution, instrumentation and automation control installation.

  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* If enclosure is required detailed drawings must be provided
* For special designs, detailed drawings must be provided
* For any further details call one of our staff engineers to assist you

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