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Process Air Heaters

At Tempora, we can develop and manufacture any custom air heater in order to increase your competitiveness. Process air heaters are widely used in domestic appliances. Weather you are looking for small or large volumes of these specially designed convection heaters, we will be able to help you create and develop them according to your requirements. Over the years, we have created numerous designs for various industries which allow us to offer you the best possible quality at a very competitive price!

What makes custom air heaters so efficient is that they are in direct contact with the air that is being heated. Given the light weight of these heaters, they allow very quick cool-down warm-up time. These types of heaters can be manufactured to deliver very high wattage while consuming very minimal space. Custom air heaters have proven to be a very rugged and reliable source of heat at a very attractive cost.

Nickel chrome wire
Mica or ceramic carriers
Stainless steel or aluminum frames
Thermal fuses
Thermal cutoffs
Special mounting tabs
Voltage ranging from 24-480V

  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* Detailed drawings must be provided
* Specify if thermal fuses and cutoffs are required
* Determine volume required

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