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Mica Band Heaters

Construction Features
Tempora mica band heaters consist of Nickel chrome ribbon wire that is wound evenly on special mica insulators to create a uniform emission of heat. The next step is to manually assemble the connection depending on the terminals required. The whole is then placed in sheath casing ensuring a perfect enclosure and placed on a rolling machine to get the precise inner diameter required. Tabs are also welded at both extremities in order to be able to adjust pressure where the mica band heater is placed.

Mica insulated heaters are widely used on operations involving heating of cylindrical surfaces and are manufactured in a full range of standard construction variations, physical dimensions, electrical ratings and a complete arrangement of screw terminals and lead terminations.

Typical Applications
Plastic injection molding machines
Plastic extruders
Oil reclamation equipment
Food and candy extruders
Drum heating
Extrusion dies
Blow molding machines
Barrels & heads
Food service warming

  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* Determine inner diameter and width
* Select termination, enclosure and length of leads if required
* Determine construction style: one piece, two pieces or clamping type
* If cutouts are required, detailed drawings must be provided
* Determine quantity

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