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Fiber Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic fiber heaters
Ceramic fiber heaters offer optimal heating temperatures of approximately 2010°F. Ceramic fiber heaters are made by integrating helically wound Iron-Chrome-Aluminum resistance wire in refractory fibers. Ceramic fiber heaters isolate the chambers heated from the outside which ensures to heat loss. Ceramic fiber heaters are designed for radiant heat only and should never be in contact with what is being heated. It is important to note that fiber ceramic heaters can easily be broken if mishandled.

The low thermal mass and low specific heat of fiber ceramic heaters result in very low heat retention which lowers the amount of energy absorbed and retained by the insulation providing more energy to heat the work and results in lower power consumption and ensures the long life of the heater.

Ceramic processing
High temperature processes
Metal melting

Optimum performance for high temperature enclosed furnaces
Can be adapted to complex shapes
Can be changed easily
Low in mass
Rated from 120 to 600V, single or three phase

How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage * Determine heated area, width, length, overall length and thickness * Determine lead length and orientation
* For special designs, drawings are required

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