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Duct Heaters

Tempora’s duct heaters comply wit all CSA regulation to ensure maximum safety and are used in most forced air HVAC systems. These heaters can be used as the main source of heat of a commercial or industrial building or as an auxiliary source of heat, humidity control or multi zone heating.

At Tempora, we use softwares that specify wiring configurations, size, dimensions support racks and electrical controls according to your specification in order to ensure that you receive the best possible quality as fast as possible.

We can built any size of duct heater according to your specification and exact duct size. These heaters are available up to 2000kW.

All Tempora electric duct heaters are equipped with the necessary controls enclosed in a NEMA 1 control panel.

Special Construction
Insulated terminal box
Round duct construction
Finned tubular duct heaters for more demanding applications
Flanged type
Slip in type
Stainless steel frame
Aluminized steel frame
Protective screens

Overcurrent Protection
Automatic circuit brakers
Main supply overcurrent protection

Overtemperature Protection
Thermal cutout in central circuit
Thermal cutout in power lines
Thermal cutout operating back-up contactors

Equation to Estimate kW required

  How to order
* Determine Wattage and available Voltage
* Determine how many phases are required
* Provide detailed information on size of ducts and mounting requirements

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